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We provide end to end mobility services at every stage of the development cycle. We have extensive experience developing & deploying enterprise mobile solutions using cross-platform development tools like Xamarin.

Cross Platform Development

Xamarin is the perfect cross-platform tool to build, test and deploy apps across Android & iOS devices. It is simple yet powerful to develop native Android apps using Xamarin framework. Faster ROI as it’s relatively easy to develop and deploy apps with existing skills of C#. Based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA), Xamarin has become a preferred framework for iOS, Android and Windows app development.

We build apps to support high traffic, low latency, high performance and the best user experience. We provide consulting, development services for mobile Apps and integration with existing infrastructure or create new cloud infrastructure.


Location Based Services

Applying GEO location technology to help in solving business requirements like improving customer retention, providing personalized shopping experiences and in meeting unique demands like detecting accident prone zones etc.

Some of the business use cases may be location tracking of the user including last known locatio n, user movement, tagging user-created content to a location, helping user decide on where to go, geo-fencing etc.

Location Based Services

Building Apps That Are Compatible Across Multiple Platforms

Hybrid app development is faster, simpler, rapid and the application is easier to maintain. However, there will be performance issues based on what type of app it is and the number of users.

Location Based Services

Process Media Files

We build mobile apps which utilizes scalable cloud infrastructure for high traffic apps like games. We have expertise in video transcoding, audio encoding, streaming and storage solutions with disaster recovery.

Location Based Services

Using camera to capture pictures

Capture high quality images within your app and program to store them on memory card or on cloud based on business requirement.

Location Based Services


Storage of documents, audio, video and documents can be designed to be stored within SD card or on cloud. Storage includes temporary information required about the user can also be designed to store in SQLLite database.

Location Based Services

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