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Database Monitoring Tool for SMEs

Customer Profile

A tool built by OSoft Labs team for small and medium sized organizations to monitor the health of databases and proactively take actions.

Business Challenge

There are multiple database monitoring tools available in the market which are not affordable and has many advanced features which may not be required for all the organizations. Precisely identifying the core issues which may damage the database or alerting the IT administrators on regular actions to be performed is what small and medium organizations look for.

The Solution

OSoft Labs developed, a tool to help avoid performance bottlenecks in the database proactively, catch potential performance issues before they become critical. Client need to install the monitoring engine in one of the host system which can connect to the databases within their network. Host engine collects various performnace metrics on scheduled intervals which can be customized by the client based on the production or testing server and on business need. The design / architecture is scalable to add any database including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc;

Benefits can help clients get insights into their database, identify performance bottlenecks in database, avoid overprivisioning of resources thereby reducing the cost. Client can also get to see a centralized view of decision support reports.

Some of the metrics captured include; buffer cache hit ratios, page life expectancy, CPU usage, disk I/O usage, memory usage, transaction log size, indexes, database writes and reads, top tables with highest reads and writes and many other metrics. The tool does not need permission on the data tables which are sensitive for any business.

Technology Stack

ASP.NET, MVC, C#, SQL Server, Quartz Scheduler

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