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Serverless Architecture for Notifications

Customer Profile

The client is an MNC IT services company based in Kuwait. For the past 20 years, the organization has grown and established a solid reputation in the business community and with technology partners for developing and deploying dynamic, robust and flexible solutions built on leading edge technologies. They have several affiliated companies in Kuwait, Dubai and Egypt to strengthen their portfolio of offerings in the regional market.

Business Challenge

Client application’s requirement is to send SMS and email notifications on a scheduled basis. These tasks need to be independent functions as the business logic to retrieve may change over time. A stand alone on premise notification server was not scalable. Current notification engine was not reliable and fault tolerant to make sure the email is sent to the recipient. Emails sent from the local server using SMTP were being pushed to recipient’s SPAM folder.

The Solution

OSoft Labs team of AWS experts began with a thorough assessment of the requirement and came up with Lambda based serverless architecture for sending email and SMS notifications. Lambda functions can be added, edited or deleted easily and can be scheduled as per business requirements and are highly scalable. CloudWatch alarms with cron expressions were created to schedule to trigger these Lambda functions. Based on the compute required, system automatically picks up the required instance type and attach the code to server for execution. The solution designed is scalable, reliable as fault tolerance is built into the architecture.


  • Cost Reduction
  • On demand execution based on notification schedule
  • Reliable and scalable solution
  • Easy maintenance and deployment

Technology Stack

  • NET, C#, JQuery, HTML5/CSS, SQL Server
  • AWS Services – Lambda functions, S3, EC2, Cloud Formation, VPC, RDS, SES, SNS, SQS, CloudWatch Alarms, IAM

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