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Case Studies

DevOps and VSTS – Process Automation

Customer Profile

The client is a retail giant launching a SaaS application and has presence in the middle east and africa regions

Business Challenge

Multiple client teams were using monolithic source code repositories on SVN. Also, there was no automatic code merge strategy which resulted in high cost of quality issues. In addition, the business had the following requirements.

  • Faster Release cycles (Helps GTM Strategy)
  • Fail fast behavior (Lean Execution Model)
  • Team Productivity (Reduce R&D Spend)
  • End – End traceability
  • Reproducible builds (Continuous Integration)
  • Automated deployments and promotions (Continuous Delivery)

The Solution

OSoft Labs provided comprehensive solution to modernize the existing process and infrastructure with a better TCO. Our team analyzed the existing system’s application, skill gap of team, current and intended usage to design a highly customizable, modern, cloud-based DevOps framework. The implementation strategy included a multi-tiered solution that was developed iteratively using agile framework. Our architects designed a system with mission critical performance at scale, with elasticity, flexibility, and a better TCO.

OSoft Labs extensive experience and exclusive focus on cloud solutions and agile development shows in our approach which was closely aligned with client’s business needs. This enabled easy synergy and cohesiveness with all the stake holders.

Microsoft VSTS was chosen as the cloud service based on the rich feature set, various integration capabilities, reliability, security and scalability. The following were some of the key responsibilities of our team

  • Evaluation, identification and recommendation of innovative yet prudent platforms and technologies to assist in modern application development
  • DevOps implementation
  • System development based on Agile principles using SCRUM methodology to enable constant customer collaboration and feedback
  • Provide Quality Control, success metrics & KPIs and process to manage and measure the project success
  • Deploying and configuring AWS Infrastructure using CloudFormation Templates
  • Fully Automated Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Cost and Performance optimization


  • Unit tests coverage and time taken for tests to run at a module/service level [Address COQ]
  • Significant reduction in average time (~70%) after a check-in to build, test and production deployment.
  • Automated functional test integration with nightly builds (CI)
  • Automated build promotion and deployment process customized for various environments. [CD- Staging/Production etc.]
  • Build promotions pipeline.
  • End-End build traceability.

Technology Stack

Microsoft VSTS, ASP.NET Core 2.0, NUnit, SonarQube, ElasticBeanStalk, CloudFormation, ECS, S3, RDS

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